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Grow Your Own - Vibrant Vegetables (6 Veg Kit)
Grow Your Own - Vibrant Vegetables (6 Veg Kit)

Grow Your Own - Vibrant Vegetables (6 Veg Kit)

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This grow your own kits has everything you need to start growing delightfully colourful vibrant veg - rainbow beetroot mix, purple carrots, vivid chard, radishes blush mix, stripy Tigerella tomatoes and the quirky Turkish turban squash. 

Elegantly presented, the kit also makes a clever present which will keep on giving both to your loved one and to those who need Samaritans' help. 

Your 21 pieces kit contains everything you need to grow your own vibrant and funky veg:

  • Six varieties of vegetable seeds
  • Six biodegradable plant pots
  • A bag of compost
  • Plastic propagator with a lid
  • Detailed instruction manual 

Rainbow beetroot - use to brighten up your dinner table with a colourful beetroot and orange salad. 

Purple carrots - are even higher in antioxidants than orange carrots, and they also possess anti-inflammatory properties. These eye-catching carrots will liven up any summer salad. 

Turkish turban squash - an attractive variety of winter squash with an acorn shape on top. Often beautifully mottled or striped: the bottom is most usually  orange, with an array of stripes and spots. 

Vivid Swiss chard - the rainbow coloured stem adds a delicate flavour to salads.

Radish blush mix - with colourful pink, purple and white spheres these spicy radish varieties will add colour and flavour to your summer dishes. 

Tomato Tigerella - excellent for colder climates, this tomato has a lovely flavour, colour and texture. Excellent for growing indoors in a sunny spot. 

Box size - L:29cm x W:18.5cm x D:7.5cm

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