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Rainbow Seeds Shaker Eco Box

Rainbow Seeds Shaker Eco Box

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This beautifully presented, shake and rake eco box  makes a clever present which will keep on giving both to your loved one and to those who need Samaritans' help. 

Inside you will find bright sunny shades all summer long  wildflower seeds in all colours of the rainbow to brighten up your garden and attract pollinators. China Aster, Cornflower, Flax, Pot Marigold, Safflower, Candytuft, Zinnia


Fill your garden with with this complete seed mixture. This seed shaker contains approximately 15 different summer flowering seed varieties and over 20,000 seeds. That’s enough to cover 35m2.

Ideal for use in large areas for creating meadows or filling beds, borders and window boxes. Simply shake, rake and water!

Sow March to June for flowers in summer or September to November to flower in the spring. 

For best results plant in full sun partial shade with well-drained soil.

  • It is best to sow your seeds as soon as possible after purchase but in most cases, you can keep left-over seed mixture to sow again the following year. Store in a cool, dry place. (Always check the sow by date on the back / base of packaging.)
  • As with all ornamental flowers, do not eat any flowers within this mixture.
  • Seeds can be eaten by birds, so if you have a lot of birds where you live, you might want to protect the freshly sown seeds with netting.

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